Top 8 ways to use your leftover Easter Eggs (RECIPES)

Put your Easter eggs to good use and see what you can create!
You may have seen us mention that we are taking steps to becoming as zero-waste as possible and becoming more environmentally friendly, whether that be through reducing the amount of plastic we use to promoting our vegan menus wherever we can. As you can imagine, at Relish we hate wasted food, so anything we can do to help you reduce the amount of waste is a win for us. How many Easter eggs are still lying around your house? If the answer is too many, we know how you feel! If you are like us you probably feel the novelty of eating chocolate in the shape of an egg wears off by around midday on Easter Monday. If you want to be a bit more creative this year with your leftover Easter eggs, we can help you out. We have pulled together our favourite easy recipes and ideas into a list that even the Easter bunny would be interested in. From some brief research, we found that on average, a medium Easter egg weighs from 130-160g. So to make this easier for you, we have highlighted how many Easter eggs you will need for each recipe.

Easter Egg Cheesecake – 1.5 Large Easter Eggs

The perfect way to get creative with your Easter baking. An Easter twist on a classic dessert that you can decorate with whatever your heart desires.

Easy chocolate truffles – 2 Large Easter Eggs

Turn your chocolate eggs into these delicious chocolate truffles. It’s so simple to make a lots of truffles to share with all the family.

Creme Egg brownie cake – 1 Medium Easter Egg

Creme Eggs are a classic Easter treat that can be incorporated into so many different desserts. Here is one of our favourites that you have to try!

Sweet shop chocolate slab – 3 Medium Easter Eggs

One of the most adaptable recipes for your leftover chocolate and a perfect way to use your other Easter sweets.

Chocolate Tiffin with Mini Eggs – 2 Medium Easter Eggs

Tiffin is a favourite all year round, add some Mini Eggs and you have the best no-bake Easter dessert out there!

Miniature Choc Ices – 2 Medium Easter Eggs

Perfect for your spring BBQs and an ideal use for leftover chocolate. See how creative you can be and how you can personalise this dessert.

Easy Rocky Road – 1 Large Easter Eggs

It takes just minutes to prepare this incredible rocky road. Why not customise them with Easter treat toppings too!

Easter Hot Chocolate – 1 Medium Egg

In the UK we all know that nice weather is not guaranteed. Warm up with a luxury hot chocolate decorated with Easter goodies while you wait for the sun to return.

We love to see the imagination and creativity some people have when it comes to baking and we can’t wait for you to try out some of these tried and tested favourites.

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