Strawberry and Rose Negroni (RECIPE)

The perfect romantic cocktail at home
We’re sure you are well aware by now that we love food at Relish, but did you know that we have been working behind the scenes to develop some incredible drinks too. We can’t wait for you to try all our delicious new cocktails when the quarantine ends – in fact we literally can’t wait so decided to work on some recipes you can make at home!

In 2021, Valentine’s day was probably a little disappointing for some. Sure, lockdown dates can be nice and socially distanced walks are better than nothing, but we’re sure your missing date nights! To try and make our incredible customers Valentines a little more special during this difficult time we had our master mixologist work on the perfect Valentines cocktail you can make at home. Imagine that it’s been lovingly made by Relish just for you.


This recipe will make a 700ml bottle of Strawberry and Rose Negroni.


200ml London Dry Gin
200ml Campari
200ml Sweet Vermouth
5 Strawberries (sliced)
5 Sprigs of Thyme
1tsp Fennel Seeds
15ml Rose Water


1. Toast Fennel seeds in a dry pan
2. Add Gin, Campari & Vermouth to a sealable bottle or jar
3. Add the Thyme, Rose water, Fennel seeds & Strawberries
4. Allow ingredients to infuse for 6 to 24 hours
5. Strain 150ml over ice and stir
(optional) Garnish with a rose petal

We know you’ll enjoy this incredible cocktail, and we’ll continue to work on new cocktail ideas and share them with you.

Cheers to you!

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