21st June 2021; Last night's announcement and what this means for your wedding!

The full run down of last nights announcement

Last night came the big announcement! Although we’re all a little disappointed that the June 21st Freedom Date was postponed, we’re thrilled that wedding guest limits are lifted. Silver linings, ‘ey!

Nina Beer of the UK Weddings Taskforce said, “We welcome that the weddings sector has finally been acknowledged and there is to be some partial easing of the very harsh restrictions imposed upon us throughout the pandemic.” 

Although many of you will be looking forward to celebrating your big day with family and friends, there are some restrictions still in place you’ll need to bear in mind.

Unlimited Guests

Based on social distancing and venue capacity

No Indoor Dancing

Table Service Only

Face Masks Still Required

How many guests can we have?

Speaking at a press conference from Downing Street, the Prime Minister said: “Weddings can go ahead with more than 30 people. We are lifting that restriction on 30 people from the 21st providing social distancing is observed.”

With social distancing rules still in place, each venue will have to do a Covid-secure risk assessment to determine exactly how many guests it can safely host. The current social distancing guidelines stand at “1 metre +”, so the larger your venue, the more guests that can attend.

For weddings taking place inside private homes, the limit of six individuals remains. For weddings on private land, including gardens, a risk assessment must be completed by those hosting the wedding.


Can we dance at our wedding?

Following last night’s update, the current rules on dancing will remain in place. 

This means you can brush off those dancing shoes for your first dance as a couple, but otherwise, no dancing is permitted. Does this remind anyone else of Elmore City in Footloose?

No dance floor is allowed for indoor venues, and although not illegal, dancing outside on private land is being advised against.

What about singing?

Choirs, bands and musicians may perform in a group of 6 indoors, or up to 30 outdoors. However communal singing is not allowed amongst your guests.

That means no hymns or songs can be sung during the ceremony, and no belting out Sweet Caroline after a few too many.

Can we still have speeches?

Speeches can take place outside, or in well-ventilated areas wherever possible. Windows and doors should be opened if your wedding is indoors.

It’s also advised to use a PA system to avoid the need to raise voices. No shying away from embarrassing stories now!

Are social distancing rules still in place?

Close contact with friends and family is a “personal choice” under step 3 of the governments lockdown roadmap. We’re encouraged to exercise caution instead of staying 2 metres apart from anyone we don’t live with.

Tables don’t need to be socially distanced, however there can’t be more than 6 guests per table to keep in line with the Rule of 6.

All receptions will be table service only, the perfect excuse to show off those gorgeous (but so uncomfortable) heels you’ve never worn!

Do we need to wear a mask?

Everyone attending a wedding ceremony or reception must wear a face covering indoors, apart from when eating or drinking.

The couple and officiant are exempt from this rule.

Any staff working at your venue will also be required to wear a face mask. 

Anyone without a face covering could be fined £200 if they don’t have a medical exemption.


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